EcoHaus is an innovative design and build company specialising in truly energy efficient, sustainable and healthy homes.

A company that was born from the demand of customers that require German Standard Quality, but at a more affordable traditional British build price.


The Sales team have 20 years of experience dealing with innovative, materials, products and building techniques. In this time they have built up a wealth of experince and knowledge of how to design and build properties which a tailor made to the clients visions whilst building towards the future. Creating unique properties and Buildings that challenge traditional construction folds to purue new ways of construction. A better way of construction.

Using Materials such has Structurally Independent Panels (SIPs) the company has evolved from building large scale properties to designing a tailor made Building package for your garden. Ecohaus strives to bring High quality design and architecture to your property that is both innovative and functional for any and all of your individual needs.

Having constructed over 60 houses of each unique design and function, Ecohaus are open to any and all clientel, whether that be someone looking for a Garden office or an annexe for your Mother in Law. Any and All enquiries are welcome. Please contact us today.





Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video



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Please feel free to call us and arrange a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation with our specialist.

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