At Ecohaus we specialize in designing and building Eco-friendly, thermally efficient and sustainable properties that not only prepare for the future but are working towards saving it. From the design of the building to the finshed product, we have always strived to make a product which not only is suitable for all individual needs but can save money and the environment. Using materials and sustainable technology and smart design we aim to work with you to create the perfect Eco-Haus.


Firstly at the design process we use the plot to make maximum use of natural resources. Positioning the build to make the best use of the heat from the sun, making sure the build is positioned for maximum solar gain, which could cut around five per cent from your heating bills. Existing trees, hedges and hills on site can be used as protection from wind and rain so your house won’t have to work as hard to keep the cold out.

All of our Builds make use of Timber and Structurally Insulated Panels to create a thermally efficent shell using natural materials. Man-made building materials such as bricks and concrete have a high embodied energy: that is, use a great deal of energy in production, and even more once transport to site is taken into account. If used in abundance, they will give your house a large carbon footprint before it’s even built. By using natural materials, you’ll not only have a low carbon footprint but a healthy living environment, too. Wood is a self-builders’ wonder-product: not only does it have a multitude of uses, it is also great for the environment, being renewable and organic.

We make sure the standard of windows we used are Double glazed at minimum. Double-glazing, which creates an insulating barrier of air or gas between layers of glass, will reduce heat loss in an uninsulated home by 20 per cent. By fitting good quality double glazing, you could save around £110 and 720kg of CO2 a year, as well as reducing noise from outside and problematic condensation from the inside.

Lastly we open up the oppurtunity for renewable energy sources such as Solar power. When your house is as thermally efficient as possible, you can start thinking about creating your own energy – most popularly through solar power. Installing solar thermal panels on your roof will capture the heat and use it to heat water, which is then stored in the hot water tank to be drawn on when needed. well sourced Solar panels will provide up to a third of your annual hot water needs, which could save you £50 a year.


20 years of experience has taught us that to build a property takes time and care. And for this you need to place your trust in the right people, people who understand the needs of the customer whilst ensuring that constructing anything, whether it be a propery or Garden Building, is done right. If its done right then its worth doing it the Ecohaus way.

Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video



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