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Throughout the COVID 19 Crisis, many of our lives have been shaken up. All the way from changing working environments to new living arrangements.

Many of us have had to adapt whether that means working from home, or having to find and recreate new spaces in the home to exercide or even find peace and quiet.

This is why we as a company have had to adapt also and we are proud to introduce the Ecohaus Garden Room:


We work with you to design, manufacure, deliver and install a highly insulated, functional, modern and bespoke garden room for you. 

The posibilities and functions of such a room have such a range. The most popular ones being:

- Garden Office

- Art Studio

- Garden Gym

- Childrens Play Areas

- Alternate Living Accomodation


The garden room will be built to the same specficication as all of our Eco-houses using SIPs (Structurally Independent Panels). The experience of the Garden room would be as close to having an extension to your existing property without having to go through the process of installing one and changing your living environment.

‚ÄčAn airtight thermal locks is garuanteed as the floors, walls and roof are all fully insulated. Unlike many of the alternatives which may fluctuate in temperature depending upon the seasons, our SIP build Eco-Haus garden buildings are suitable for use all year round.

‚ÄčOur garden rooms come in an installation kit which includes the SIPs structural frame, ground screw foundations, timber cladding, plasterboard, laminate flooring, skirting, sockets and lighting. This can be installed by ourselves as a package or can be delivered and finished by contractors of your choice.



If you have any other questions in regards to the individual products, previous projects or of our company then please call Giles Hirst.






Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video



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